Line, Color & Movement

Line, Color & Movement

Monica Maria Grassl Samayoa

April 8 - 29, 2016

The title of the exhibit, Line, Color, and Movement, represents the elements that form the basis of each of my paintings. The combinations of color derived from a dream I had for each painting. The purpose is to evoke a richness and warmth that would accompany the painting in any environment. Special thanks to my Ft. Worth “family” and the Ft. Worth Community Arts Center. ---Marie de Grassl

Marie’s sunny, tropical home country of El Salvador inspires the intense colors and subjects used in her paintings. Her formal education focused on Interior Design and she went on to study painting with Sr. Mejia of the famed Valero Lecha Academy. Valero Lecha, her father’s grandfather, was the preeminent artist of El Salvador.

Marie is dedicated to serve God, her family and the community. She has seven accomplished children and her husband in San Salvador. Marie is a spirited humanitarian who works in all aspects of a Catholic group that educates girls and motivates them to become productive members of the community. She is an ambitious entrepreneur and professional caterer.