like an old man running

like an old man running

with Conner Vick and Teresa Foster

October 3 - 30, 2014

Connor Vick and I first met as student and teacher at Arlington Heights High School in 2002. Connor is one of the best painters I have ever taught. We have kept in touch for the last ten years and are now reuniting as friends and artists in this art show.

I grew up in Fort Worth and was very lucky to participate in scholarship art classes at the “old Modern”, which is now the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, and the then Children’s Museum. I studied with a group of Fort Worth artists, who are still well known in the Fort Worth art community.

My recent work has been in mixed media/encaustic and has been a natural transition from water color. The flow of pigment is now guided by a torch rather than a brush. My images are chosen from what I think will best adapt to mixed media and encaustic materials. My imagery is also personal in nature. -- Teresa Foster

I have been doodling line drawings inspired by comic strips since I was a kid. At Arlington Heights High School in 2002, I was placed in an art class with Teresa Foster and with her encouragement took to painting. Since then I've mainly focused on making large non-representational paintings and, more recently, cartoonish figurative paintings in the style of medieval religious iconography. Ms. Foster and I have kept in touch over the years and, out of a fondness for each other's work, have decided to show together. -- Connor Vick