Lightning in a Bottle

Works by John Storm

Gallery Three

On view May 28th - June 26, 2021

Artist Statement

John Storm creates a magpie collection of bits and pieces of daily life, artistic influences, and memories. He embraces a playfulness, openness, and serendipity in the moment of creating. The influence of outsider art, wabi-sabi, imperfection and street art, fuel John’s quest for a pure child-like freedom of expression. John’s drawings, paintings and collage work embody his vibrant creative approach which sees everything as possible artistic inspiration. The imagery, symbolism, and color palette of his work take the viewer on a visual journey to experience their own memories and reference points. John ultimately wants the viewer to experience an echo of the joy he feels during the moment of creation.

Artist Bio

John Storm was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa. He has called Waco, Texas home since he graduated from Baylor University (2003) with a degree in Studio Art. John completed his Master of Art Education degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2015. John has pursued a career as an art educator and will complete his 15th year of teaching this May. Creating his own work, as well as seeing others find joy in the creative process, is a passion of John’s. Teaching art the past 15 years has enabled John to work with thousands of students to help them unlock their own creativity. John’s body of work is a product of his enjoyment in the creative process. Inspired by many sources including outsider art, children’s art, street art and the Japanese aesthetic of WabiSabi*, John’s work seeks a sense of playfulness and serendipity in the moment of creation. John states that “For me, creating is one of the most liberating acts in which one can engage. When creating there is complete freedom, no right, no wrong – only do, only experience, only enjoy.” When not creating or teaching, he can be found spending time with his two sons or losing a game of chess to his beautiful wife.

*an ancient Japanese aesthetic which finds beauty in simplicity and imperfection