July 9 – July 30, 2010

Brad Jensen's work is born out of passion and the desire to tell a story in a single look, to make an emotional connection with the painting and its audience. Instead of words, Brad uses illustrations in a “Pop Art” style to tell a story and give the viewer the freedom to relate to the painting at their own personal level. He abstains from forcing ideas or thoughts on the audience, but rather, allows them to connect. He also likes to use the titles in his paintings to connect to an emotion. For example, the painting of Bob Dylan is titled “Born Already Ruined” aka Saved.

The "Legends" paintings were born out of Brad's love of music. His first piece, a painting of Bono, was completed in the summer of 2009. He was held up in his studio listening to U2. Hearing the passion in their music inspired Brad to create his own art. Brad is fascinated by the connection between art and music; one seems to influence the other. He then began his journey of listening and letting the music of each artist inspire him in his own creative venture.

Born in Southern California, now living in Fort Worth, Texas.

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