Julie England

July 24 – August 29, 2020

BNSF Gallery

Artist Statement:

My artwork is inspired by my human connection to our environment. Everyday scenes are my subjects where we experience a sense of place and memory of being there. I seek to express the loss of connection to the land from the rise of urbanism. This current body of work focuses on aerial perspectives of New Mexico. Discussions with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum about photographing her sites from the air led to images that inspire this body of work. An aerial view is a contemporary view of the land enabled by technology. There is more topology accessible to the viewer than sky. It's a bird's eye view; there's freedom in it.These paintings are commentary on permanency and entropy of the ever-changing land. They capture gestures of surfaces, enabling a sense of movement and time while standing still. My natural, organic imagery focuses on the act of painting itself with emphasis on mark-making. My work includes topological, organic forms and botanical gesture. Much like painting a figure, the angles, shapes and directions of marks contribute to this perspective.Color is a vehicle to convey the energy from nature and space in the landscape.

Julie England, Abiquiu, 30" x 48," Oil on Canvas, 2018

Julie England, Around The Bend, 36" x 48," Oil on Yupo Paper, 2020

Julie England, Caprock, 36" x 48," Oil on Canvas, 2020

Julie England, Ghost Ranch at 122 feet, 36" x 48," Oil on Yupo Paper, 2019

Julie England, River Fork at 330 Feet, 36" x 48," Oil on Canvas, 2020