Ladies N Art Show: Seen


Ladies N Art Show Art Collective

BNSF Gallery

December 18, 2020-January 16, 2021

Participating Artists:

Jonathan Foster

Chelsea Amato

Daisha Tran

Scout Wilson

Lauren Tompkins

Gabriella Gonzalez

Joe Rodriguez

Exhibition Statement:

"Seen" is the first major installment of a series of exhibitions from Ladies N Art Show where we highlight some of the most talented and often unseen local artists of Dallas and Fort Worth. Take a walk through our exhibition and see the many colors, feelings, and emotions of the women and people of color behind Seen. As a part of our work you will find color fabric draped throughout the space a physical manifestation of our power to be seen.

Collective Bio:

Ladies N Art Show is committed to improving the careers of working artists and creators. Launching in 2018, we’ve been a supporter in the arena for small business and creators in the art space. Our Artists Union has played an important role in the production of free, innovative, and supportive space for artists. Our Artists Union knows that strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our founders. We realized that by working together we could overcome challenges much more efficiently and build our community, and that is why we ultimately decided to create Ladies N Art Show. We actively seek to support women and people of color in the arts.

Daisha Tran, "Hand And Hammer," 18"x24," acrylic on canvas

Daisha Tran

Artist Statement: Peaches, in her series " A Gemini, A Mess" explores the duality and acceptance of being who she is envisioned to be at a societal level and who she expresses herself as. Her works such as "ORANGE," "PLUM," and "TANGERINE" explore her love for black work tattoos seen as taboo for women in pastel color schemes. While her works such as "FANTASY," "HAND AND HAMMER," AND "WOMAN" explore her emotions on sexuality, and break the societal limitations placed on women.

Bio: Daisha Marie Tran born June 1993 in Dallas, Texas comes from an African American and Hispanic background. She is an advocate of women, LGBTQ, and Black creator communities. She describes art as something that she always had a deep passion for, taking her to a space of peace and reflection. She has considered herself a creator for nearly a decade. In May of 2018, she alongside wife Silver Tran, launched Ladies N Art Show in Dallas. While working she still maintains an active art life participating in local Dallas art exhibitions and events.

Chelsea Amato, "Strange World Hatred Is A Weakness," 10"x20", Multimedia

Chelsea Amato

Who is Chelsea Amato? Maker of new kitsch. Modern Diogenes. Scared possum meme. Neurosis TrapperKeeper. Super creeper.

Scout Wilson, "Growth," 11"x14," Acrylic on Canvas

Scout Wilson

Artist Bio: Scout Wilson grew up in a small city outside of Philadelphia called Reading. Not being the best place to live you had to adapt fast to your surroundings, however with multiple traumas hitting so early, she tended to make her own realities in order to cope. The only people who stuck by her during the early stages of her life were strong women who taught her how to survive, so to honor them she made them the subjects for her art. After high school Scout went to an all girls college on scholarship to become the artist she always wanted to be. She then moved to New Orleans to follow the art scene there which eventually lead her to Texas to slow down a bit and create more art. Texas is where she really started to create more colorful pieces, allowing her creativity to fully come the the surface.

Lauren Tompkins, "Expansion," 62"x43," Polyester Filk, ink, vinyl, and wood

Lauren Tompkins

Artist Bio: Lauren Tompkins studied Interdisciplinary Art at the University of North Texas. Her work has been shown in various galleries across DFW, and has been published in the Dallas Observer, Dallas Style & Design Magazine, and Denton Record-Chronicle. Tompkins’s artistic practice incorporates a wide range of media, including photography, video, environmental/installation, and 2D mixed media works. Her work is a self-reflection of the world around her and, subsequently, a practice in vulnerability. Individual identity, human nature, and introspection are concepts she often focuses on, creating a connection with the viewer through shared experiences and vulnerabilities. Her work speaks to the push and pull relationship we have with each other, our minds, and nature.

Tejana Mix Gabriella Gonzalez, "Nopalita Heritage," 18"x24," Watercolor on Paper

Gabriella Gonzalez

Gabriella Gonzalez is an artist and an activist- a social artist. To Gabriella art is therapy and social change depending on the canvas. They create 2D visuals of symbols that reflect their environment. A queer translation of what They see in their city of Fort Worth- a diluted beige metropolitan area with pockets of rainbow and brown and blackness. They see expand on these pockets by using colors that remind them of home to brighten it and saturate it.

Joe Rodriguez, "La Jaula De Oro," 48"x 60," Acrylic on Canvas

Joe Rodriguez

My name is Tattoo Joe, born and raised in Texas, been painting for about 10 years now. At first its was a way for a quick buck. But now I'm obsessed with every thing that is associated with it.

Jonathon Foster, "BGM#2,"18"x24," Acrylic on Canvas

Johnathan Foster

Johnathon “Johnavich” Foster. I am a traditional 2D contemporary painter working in acrylic, watercolor, collage, and marker. My art is rooted in all genres of life images and concepts, with an urban, often but not always in a very vibrant color palette. Much of my recent work is about evoking a sense of identity. While the paintings incorporate multiple facets of everybody life, also represent personal identifying imagery and concepts. I am also working with the idea of visual layering, and color expressionism: how colors or color schemes evoke emotion, duality of imagery. Much in the same way pictures are worth a thousand words, my paintings seek to evoke a million different perceptions.

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