Joe Morzuch: Paintings and Drawings

Joe Morzuch: Paintings and Drawings

Joe Morzuch

July 8 - August 27, 2016

Reception: Friday, July 8, 2016; 6 - 9pm

My work is based on a prolonged investigation of my immediate surroundings, specifically mundane objects or discarded materials placed within an ambiguous domestic interior. I find these spaces and their contents at once immensely familiar and visually complex. This enables me to observe the things I see on a daily basis as if viewing them for the first time. The result is a body of work about focused vision, representation, and the act of painting.

Working in a responsive manner directly from the motif creates a dialogue between myself, the subject I am depicting, and its subsequent representation. I am less interested in recording appearances than I am in the challenge of translating visual information into paintings that speak of their own making. I engage with the formal difficulties of constructing a work that is both image and object, while examining the aesthetic significance and communicative potential of forms that have been cast-off or overlooked.

The history of the still life in Western painting attests to the genre’s enduring formal and communicative possibilities. From modest depictions of humble, household objects, grand configurations that project wealth and prosperity, ruminations on mortality, nature, and the divine, to the spatial innovations of the late 19th century, the still life continues to assert itself as a viable mode of artistic production. I endeavor to add to the depth and richness of this ever-evolving practice. -- Joseph Morzuch