May 4, 2012 – June 23, 2012

My paintings represent interiors and landscapes which are the product of a long process of construction. I build worlds through my work. It’s the artist acting as Creator, building universes, or as a child, building imaginary worlds to play in, or as a stage designer building a set where a story will take place. My work explores our need to play, to rehearse, to build models. It’s an intuitive search for meaning and understanding. My work deals with our desire to see what is behind the curtain or around the next corner, or to fly over a landscape and observe everything from far above, or to look up at everything that is towering above us.

My work explores both interior and exterior spaces as well as light and their emotional overtones. It is also concerned with the relationship among objects and characters in a place, their tension or balance, the dance or the stillness among them. The viewer may be included in the space as another character or excluded as an outsider, the viewer’s place in that world being a very important element in the work.

I physically build a model or set with cardboard, paper, fabrics and populate it with manufactured objects (hardware, toys, utensils, containers, plastic junk) or their parts, as well as objects I make myself. I combine the hand crafted with the manufactured. The objects used in these sets transform into other things as they now exist in an environment which is not their usual one. The objects are combined with other objects they don’t normally associate with.

The lighting of the model or stage is carefully controlled and is an important part of the mood of the space. The stages thus constructed are the starting point for my paintings. The paintings are the products of this elaborate construction process. They record the transformation of the physical materials and objects used to construct the sets into something new. --Gladys Poorte