In Ninth Grade, I Read Great Expectations

Jenna has an unconventional job serving as a mourner-for-hire at funerals. She meets Steffi on the job, and she can't get her out of her mind. How does Jenna pursue a relationship with someone with who she met under false circumstances? Jenna's sister to always there to lend a hand and do what is best, regardless of how Jenna feels about it. It's a light-hearted romantic comedy about friends, family, and falling in love.

Aaron D. Settle is a writer and comic book store owner. In the past, Settle has published short stories and had short films he wrote featured in film festivals. He and his wife Wendy have managed to raise two wonderful daughters (an actress and a lighting designer), and between them and Bayley the dog, they manage to keep him humble.

This reading of Aaron Settle's In Ninth Grade, I Read Great Expectations, begins with a question and answer session with the author before the readding begins.


Meagan Harris: Jenna

Rachael Starkey: Bobbi

Dayna Fries: Karen

Bear Campbell: Steffi