In Motion

In Motion

May 6 – May 30, 2009

Alex Braverman

Michelangelo Project

“I like showing reality not the way it is, but the possibilities within it: the way it can be.” Alex Braverman.

Alex Braverman is a fine art photographer, born in Lithuania. He lived extensively in Israel, South Africa and the USA. He specializes in dance photography and dramatic cityscapes. Alex spent a year photographing the Bruce Wood Dance Company in Fort Worth; he also attended a private workshop in New York City by the prominent dance photographer Lois Greenfield. A day before the workshop, Alex photographed the dramatic cityscape surrounding him, and his photo “Atlas” won the Grand Prize in the International Annual Contest by Popular Photography. The photo was published in the January 2009 issue of the magazine. Alex also owns a company named the Michelangelo Project, which he dedicates to advancing Jewish Visual Arts.

What separates Alex from the pack? He does not take photographs of simple objects – he photographs themes. He captures a beautiful dancer in one moment of the dance, and in this photo he presents the very nature of dance itself. An empty street is never an architectural exhibit, but a habitat of thousands, a setting for despair or delight.

“Photography is about what does not meet the eye”Alex Braverman.