Imagination: Through the lens, through the brush

Imagination: Through the lens, through the brush

November 8 - 29, 2013

Our imagination runs wild in our collective works, sometimes during creation, sometimes after the work is completed. Join us, and let your imagination wander through the art.

David Grinnell began his career as an artist in 1996, when his mentor, Donna Simon, began pushing his artistic boundaries. Since then, he has created more than 100 works using a variety of media and techniques, including pen and ink, spray paint, silkscreen, wood, acrylics, and digital art, sometimes all in the same piece. David believes his talent came from both parents. He credits a trip to the DMA with his maternal grandmother, Jeraldine with initiating his love of contemporary and pop art. That small seed later blossomed with Ms. Simon’s Friday art history lessons. David founded Grizlybexar Collective in 1997 and has works in collections and galleries in Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. David (and Grizlybexar Collective) moved to Fort Worth in 2011 with his wife, Laurissa. David’s influences include Hans Hoffman, Jasper Johns, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Josef Albers.

David displays his works on Facebook He also has some prints available on t-shirts David accepts inquiries about commissions at 817/902-7977 and at

M.E. Majeske developed a lifelong passion when she chose photography as a high school elective in Chicago, Illinois. M.E.’s work focuses on strong colors and the abstraction of line and shape from a larger frame, and she thus primarily utilizes still life and even quotidian subject matter to create a new perspective.

M.E. initially found her way to Texas by attending Trinity University in San Antonio, where she met her husband, John Van Aken., and they now reside in Fort Worth. M.E. accepts inquiries about her art