If you listen, I will tell you a story

Works by Gale Gibb

Central Gallery

On view May 21- July 17, 2021

Artist Statement

If you listen, I will tell you a story

My individual stories have been developing over many years and as art have slowly amorphized everyday life into life “writ” large. I cherish connections, symbols, metaphorical creations and developed icons pointing to the small and large, the trivial and the universal.

A story can give order to all of the fragmented and scattered chaos of the “now”.

I grew up with stories being told and retold over the years. Sometimes those stories changed and created a whole flurry of new stories probably having little to do with truth. So in my own work, I tell stories that are sometimes personal and sometimes a simple statement on society at large. I am a woman of the 60s. Womens rights have always been important to me and you will find many symbols of the rights of women in my work. In my search for a story to tell, I often incorporate text which the viewer can identify from their perspective and create their own story.

I have loved the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Frida Kahlo, Hieronymus Bosch and the cave painters who told their stories through symbols, glyphs, and images which spoke to the society at large.

The last few years, I have dealt with the illness and death of my husband. He died of kidney failure and gangrene. You will often see images of feet because his toes had to be removed on the long road to death. I created many drawings in those last two years while I waited for him to rest. I dedicate this exhibition to him, the love of my life.

Artist Bio

My work has been selected for exhibitions by noted jurors: Shirley Reece-Hughes, Donald Kuspit, James Surls, Marilyn S. Kushner, Dr. Annegreth Nill, Paul Zeppelin, Shirley Kassman, William H. Giles, Marilyn Zeithlin, Mary Beebe, Ofelia Garcia, Fritz Scholder and Dave Hickey. I have shown in over 200 national and internation exhibitions and many solo and two person exhibitions.

Recent solo and group exhibitions

2019 Works on paper, curated by Emmanuel Gillespie, Pencil on Paper Gallery, Farmers Branch,

2019 Finding Beauty in the Mundane, Levee Art Gallery, Monroe, La.

2017 ARTSPACE 111, Fort Worth, 4th Regional, Shirley Reece-Hughes, Juror, curator of painting, Amon Carter Museum of American Art

2016 Non-pixelated, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, Tx. Curated by Enrique Fernandez Cervantes

2016 Elements of (Non)Fiction, curated by Marcie Inman, Irving Arts Center, Irving, Tx

2015 ART7 Crockett Community Gallery, Ft. Worth, Tx.

Some publications that have included reviews are: Becky Cochran, Houston Arts Blog, The Lawton Constitution, The Leaf Chronicle, (Clarksville, Tenn.), The Dallas Observer, The Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Artifacts, The Times (Shreveport), The Buffalo News as well as various catalogues from juried exhibitions. I work from a studio in my home.