How We Met and Other Lies We Told Our Parents

Written by Aaron Settle

Relationships are hard enough, try introducing them to your family. Just be careful to keep track of who’s dating who. A family meets their son's girlfriend for the first time, but, is there more to this relationship than meets the eye?

Virtual Reading

Reading Performed by Proper Hijinks Productions

Playwright Interview

Playwright Bio

Aaron Settle is a playwright and comic store owner living in sunny Rowlett, Texas with his wife and two daughters (a photographer, an actress, and lighting designer). Feeling left out, Aaron turned his attention to writing plays. His first play In 9th Grade I Read Great Expectations was given a reading during Fort Worth's Community Art Center's 2020 Original Works Series. His short play The Art of Hugging in the Age of Social Distancing was part of Taphouse Theatre's Shelter in Place Festival. Upcoming projects include a reading of How We Met and Other Lies We Told Our Parents as part of the 2021 Original Works Series and the short play Frankenstein's Mother which will be featured at an upcoming event at Union Coffee in Dallas, Texas. Aaron knows his plays have obnoxiously long titles and is trying to get better.