His Visions Everlasting

His Visions Everlasting

Kenneth Umphrey

January 10 – February 27, 2014

Kenneth Umphrey 1936-2003 created primarily larger paintings, usually acrylic on canvas, that range from portrait realist to abstract minimalist. Umphrey described his paintings as, “eclectic expressionism based on my reality.” During his lifetime, Umphrey painted a wide variety of genres adding a whimsical flare to most of his work. As a young man, the Florida native studied Theology and Philosophy and obtained degrees of Th.M, Th.D and Ph.D. He devoted many years to Christian Leadership. He also lived in California where he later pursued interests in the Business field. Other interests drew Umphrey to Texas where he made a home in Tarrant County, Texas for many years.

Umphrey had written: “first, I believe art is the instinct for seeing that which varies in expression from customary reality.” He also stated of his work, “That which has never existed will now be created.”

Mr. Umphrey devoted himself to his love of art throughout his life and created expressive visions that are everlasting.