High-Tech Innovations Done at a Leisurely Pace No.2

High-Tech Innovations Done at a Leisurely Pace No.2

July 9, 2010 – August 21, 2010

Artwork by brothers Jeff and Bryan Wheeler.

I am for art that embroils itself with everyday crap and still comes out on top.10 I think whatever you have, you can do wonders with it, if you accept it.2 One should not worry so much about innovations if it is possible to deal so directly with experience.3 The objects {I chose} are used to make art, just like paint is used to make art.4 The relationships may be the subject matter, the relationships of the fragments I do. The content will be something more, gained from the relationships.5

I am from the West Texas landscape and it is my stage.6 It’s a way for me to make a painting that I hope is beautiful, and something that I am familiar with so I can concentrate on the painting itself.7 My Art springs from my desire to have things in the world which would otherwise never be there.8 Sometimes I see it and then paint it…other times I paint it and then see it.9 When we are giving up, today, the illusion of space in a picture, that doesn’t suit me.10 I don’t know what else there is. It’s really something if you can get a visual sensation that is pleasurable, or worth looking at, or enjoyable, if you can just make something worth looking at.11 What the artist says it is, you can see by his work. I would like to leave it just like that.12

1 Claes Oldenburg

2 Willem de Kooning

3 David Hockney

4 Jim Dine

5 James Rosenquist

6 I said that.

7 Jim Dine

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10 Louise Nevelson

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12 David Smith