Hidden Dimensions

Hidden Dimensions

March 5 – March 30, 2013

Artwork by Terry Eason, Debbie Ursini, Debra Brown, Tim Ingraham, Elijah Brown, and David Ursini.

I have been forever taken with frogs, caterpillars, moths, sticks, seed pods, tree hoppers, and every other created thing. I daydream about collecting seashells on a South Sea island or seeing The Great Barrier Reef face to face. I believe: In the beginning God created... so I take what He has done, change it around a bit and make My Own World. -- T. Eason

Debbie Ursini is a self-taught artist and poet whose artistic passion began as a child. Her imagination flourished as she created playthings and artwork using natural and found objects. Later, desire to work utilizing her natural ability coincided with opportunity at Booker T. Sparks School of Performing Arts (BTS) where she taught for several years. As an independent contractor, she teaches visual arts and workshops for the Fort Worth After School Programs, offers private classes, and continues to create her own artwork.

To my core, I am an artist. Ideas are part of me. I have fine-tuned my ability to see art potential in found objects, from my environment and through words. I love the challenge of making something from nothing. I find joy in sharing what I see and know. An artist is what I am and I can’t withhold what I’ve been given with any degree of satisfaction. -- Debbie Ursini

While most contemporary artists place an overwhelming emphasis on the personal expression of the artist, my aim has been to emphasize the varied expressions of the beauty that exist all around us. More specifically, I have aimed at awakening the natural sense of intrigue that takes place when humanity comes in contact with that beauty. - Debra Brown