Grizly Bexar Collective

Grizly Bexar Collective

January 4 – January 30, 2013

David Grinnell founded Grizlybexar Collective in 1997. Grizlybexar Collective: Introspections showcases his and other artists’ work tracing their paths from their early influences to their most recent works. Current Grizlybexar members include M.E. Majeske, photography; Jessica Trevino, pencil and digital art; Jim Dugelby, vinyl sculpture and acrylics on vinyl; Linda Grinnell, pencil, ink and watercolor; David Van Aken, acrylics; and David Grinnell, acrylics, ink and spray paint. GrizlybexarCollective: Introspections opens January 4th , 2013 at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and runs for the month of January.

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