Greg Ploetz: Drawings and Monoprints

Greg Ploetz: Drawings and Monoprints

August 5 – August 30, 2011

The line is a multi-use dimension which outlines space. It is a form that I use in many of my art pieces. It represents and defines space. Color is another way to define space and I use it with different materials (canvas, paper, string, etc.) to create a form within the space.

My portfolio shows I have explored a wide variety of mediums in a very active period of time. The mono-print and the drawings are a way of creating an active line structure that allowed me to take on a very physical application. The lines became stronger elements in the process when I reinforced the lines with color and shapes. The physicality used in these works created a framework for a variety of directions. I was establishing vitality in the foundation of the color structures. These active lines of color structure are still very much a part of the work I do now. I like to think that the lines and the manipulation of them give the viewer a unique approach to the traditional line. -- Greg Ploetz

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