What's really going on?

Works by Lindy Chambers

March 26 – May 15, 2021

Central Gallery

Artist Statement

What is really going on here? Outside the city are strange things that frighten people. It gets really dark and you can see the stars among other things that are unusual. Things you drive by, don't notice, take for granted, don't experience because you look but don't see. Is what you look at the truth of what you see? You have to engage in my large paintings, be part of them, ask questions of what you are looking at, the great and different objects in rural Texas. Objects never noticed, homes to animals, trailers with inhabitants that leave influences on the land. Hopeful nature, scary nature, experience, see, feel, be part of it. I mostly use Oil or Acrylic on canvas. My work is not dictated by a color theory or particular style. I use whatever calls to me.