Glitter Dotted

Glitter Dotted

June 7 – June 26, 2019

RECEPTION: Friday, June 7, 2019 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

Glitter Dotted is a two person exhibition inspired by the hidden and seemingly mundane

beauty of daily life tending to family. Glittery, spotted, and intricately fashioned - the work

elevates the important calling and repetitive pulses of motherhood. Although Lael Burns

and Mindy Sue Wittock work in diverse media, they both tend toward pattern and

progressive reiterations informed both by the domestic labor and the exquisite spectacle

of growing new humans.

Lael’s work literally combines the mundane and the exquisite in her organic sculptures

and paintings. Ordinary blob shapes and cheap craft materials are transformed into

unbearably beautiful objects reminiscent of coral reef or microorganisms that speak of

the artist’s deeply spiritual experiences while raising three small children. They embody

a visual dichotomy that parallels the complex nature of domestic life as a mother which

is as relentless as it is intensely joyful. Lael’s work illuminates ideas of literal and

spiritual pregnancy, growth, new life, and birth.concern

Mindy uses sewing and stitching techniques to create soft sculptures that are inspired

by nostalgia, motherhood, play and form. She gathers domestic textiles and objects to

build pieces that explore the intersection of her childhood memories and her current

experiences in motherhood. As she builds sculptures with stuffed animal scraps, bed

sheets, her daughter’s outgrown clothing, and bits and baubles, she considers how

used and worn fiber goods around the house are unceremoniously tossed or donated,

but the cloth holds so much memory. Each of these pieces become a relic full of stories

and the heartache of a childhood past and a present childhood fleeting.

Lael Burns:

Instagram: @Lael_Burns_Studio

Twitter: @LaelBurnsStudio

Facebook: Lael Burns Studio

Mindy Sue Wittock:

Instagram: @mindymaker

Twitter @mindysuewittock