By Skyler McGee

May 9 - June 21, 2014

A mystery: from fragments, life is sustained.

Inspired by an Iranian insect who builds nests by gathering flower petals from disparate places, Gathering is an exploration of the fragile strength of home. This work visually depicts the complex dynamics of creating a home, especially the unexpected beauty that arises when we gather and interweave the small, diverse, and fragmented resources we find in our lives.

Translucent watercolor paintings create vessel-like images, which are simultaneously broken up and held together by intricate graphite markings and linocut prints. These vessels, which echo nests, wombs and flowers, are ephemeral and anchored, gestural and specific, fractured and whole. The composition thrives not in the resolution of tensions but in the fluid dynamics generated by them.

Gathering seeks to honor the complex processes of creating a home: familial, environmental, psychological and social. It celebrates the vitality, beauty, and unpredictability that emerge when we craft new spaces for life with the unexpected resources culled from the places where we have journeyed.

The word “gather” can mean to collect various items, to draw and hold together, to summon up for a purpose, and also to come together or assemble. This body of work emphasizes all of these aspects as they are all “gathered” together through our combined efforts to make homes in and as part of the natural world. –Skyler McGee