FWPA Showcase: Cool, Clear, Water

FWPA Showcase: Cool, Clear, Water

September 5 – September 29, 2009

Public Art Proposals for the City of Fort Worth's Westside Water Treatment Plant.

Fort Worth artist Julie Lazarus was recently selected to create a public artwork designed to complement the handsome architecture of the new Westside Water Treatment plant to be located on Old Weatherford Road near Chapel Creek Boulevard. Ms. Lazarus, along with Jane Helslander and Nancy Palmeri, were the three finalists chosen by the Westside Water Treatment Plant Artist Selection Panel to present proposals for consideration.

The three finalists were each asked to address two sites at the new plant for art: 1) the curved concrete retaining wall that defines the patio space above at the building’s main entrance level; and, 2) the interior lobby wall directly opposite of the main entrance.

All three artists utilized imagery and approaches in their proposals that celebrate water as a natural resource and/or make reference to the technology of the new plant.

This exhibition, featuring the proposal boards of all three artists, details the public art process and describes the manner in which public art visually enhances municipal buildings and creates a sense of place and identity.