From Our Bardoodle

From Our Bardoodle

Nicole Dane and Vanessa Delp

July 6 - 30, 2015

Dane & Delp are two individual artists brought into collaboration through their mutual interest in emotion and spirituality and those qualities’ roles in shaping the self. This current body of work presents the concepts of prayer and self-knowledge in relation to the transient nature of existence.

Nicole Dane explores the act of prayer as a human action in which messages of hope and positive energy are gifted from one being to another. Her work is heavily influenced by the world’s various religions. They are referenced as a language to communicate the multiple modes of spirituality. Her definition of prayer, as expressed through her artworks, reveals her desire to share this material manifestation of hope.

Vanessa Delp contemplates emotional intelligence and purposeful self-knowledge as a path to spiritual enlightenment. By careful study of our own feelings and motivations, we gain the tools to navigate life in ways that are most beneficial to ourselves and others. Art leads to the conversations with ourselves that facilitate this growth by giving our minds a safe place to contemplate the contents of our heart.