Friends, Lovers and Artists

Friends, Lovers and Artists

February 6 - 27, 2015

An exhibition of artwork by four couples.


I work in the street planning process for the City of Dallas, so I like to come home and do something that is completely different from anything I've done during the day. I'm usually off with my faithful dog Shadow to the neighboring park where a surprising variety of wading birds hang out. So, I'm out there, to shoot them...with my camera and a telephoto lens. It's really just a numbers game — where I shoot a lot to get a few keepers —but sometimes the birds, the light and the equipment are all working just right, and that makes me happy.


I am always looking for subjects for my paintings. Landscapes never seem complete to me unless they include a living, breathing subject so I like to paint wildlife and children (aren’t they all wild?). Since neither will sit still long enough to complete a painting, I often work from photos that I have taken myself or have permission from another photographer.


I have been married to my favorite artist, Margie Whittington, for 45 years. I have my own live-in teacher and have watched her grow over these many years. I have been inspired by her to attempt to draw and paint. I find great enjoyment in seeing God's world, especially in plein air painting and expressing the moment with shapes and color. For me, art is a win-win proposition. Something worthwhile is done with my time and memory of that time and place.


I have experienced art all my life, ever since my second-grade teacher liked a tree that I had drawn. I studied art in college at UTA and took art workshops at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington. I've worked in advertising and in a frame shop where I started teaching watercolor classes. I have taught watercolor and acrylic classes the last 15 years and enjoy it very much. Since Phil, my husband, has gained an interest in painting and drawing, I am enjoying our time together as we paint "en plein air.” We have joined a group called Texas Urban Sketchers and meet once a month to sketch with other artists at different locations across the Metroplex.


My subject matter comes from personal photos I take from my love of travel. I am retired military and because of that, I have been fortunate to have traveled to many places. My favorite subjects deal with the past. I am drawn to old trucks, cars and buildings. I also love the mountains and use them as landscape subject matter or as backdrops for my still life compositions of items from the past.


My subject matter comes from personal photos and objects. I simplify and alter the subjects into interesting shapes that serve as the foundation for a painting. This manipulation results in recognizable images interwoven with abstract shapes. My materials are primarily different forms of paint, ink, canvas and paper combined into a painting. Color plays an important role in my art: it has emotional properties of its own and the ability to invoke personal responses from the viewer. I like to experiment and find new ways to use materials to help get my idea or concept across. This experimentation helps keep the act of painting exciting and stimulating for me.


I am a digital geometric artist and would describe my work as minimalist, color field or op art. My interest is exploring color, shape and light, and the interrelationships of those characteristics. Since 2004, I have been a using a spreadsheet program to create the work. All are ink jet prints. There are actually two products associated with each design: the digital print itself (pigment) and the computer screen view (light).


Art is my life journal and is a biography. Expression is the painting's function and portrays this. Hoping to resonate with the viewer, I offer them up. My motives for painting are to express my innermost dialogue with the world. Faces fascinate me and the portrait is the most challenging. Most of the figures are from sitting before my model. I seldom am captivated to paint from a photograph unless it strikes a cord. This occurs from archival photos of family. I am entering a world with my ancestors. Art happens in between my quest for living portrayal and paint.