Fresh and Salty

Fresh and Salty

January 7 – January 30, 2011

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden presents a survey of artists’ responses to the transformative effects of water at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Water, after air, is the second most important substance for sustaining life on earth. Artists have been intrigued with water as a subject for its magical ability to fracture, diffuse, bend, and reflect light, all at once. Water, as seen on a choppy ocean surface, a waterfall, a coastal marsh, is in a constant state of change, arguably never repeating itself.

Fresh & Salty is about how artists see water both figuratively and metaphorically, and how they choose to convey this transformative substance through their art. Water has provided artists with an infinite source of subject matter historically. Included in this exhibition will be paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, and photographs by over 30artists from the late 19th century to the present including John Alexander, Vera Barnett, Kathy Boortz, Francis Chapin, G. Charpentier, Brian Cobble, David Collins, John Cobb, Dorothy Dell Dennison, Otis Dozier, David Dreyer, David Everett, Henry Finkelstein, Bart Forbes, Constance Forsyth, David H. Gibson, L. O. Griffith, Cindi Holt, Ken Howard, Billy Keen, Edmund Kinzinger, Mark Messersmith, Forrest Moses, Perry Nichols, Trish Nickell, Jane Starks, Bob Stuth-Wade, Claude Venard, Donald S. Vogel,Frederick Judd Waugh, Anne C. Weary, and Clara McDonald Williamson.

About Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden: Founded in 1954, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden is Texas’ most enduring fine art gallery. The Modernist-style gallery, along with the 4+ acre sculpture garden, is located in its original North Dallas location. Valley House Gallery represents established and emerging contemporary artists working in traditional media, deals in important American and European art, and specializes in reintroducing significant Early Texas art. In addition to presenting exhibitions in the gallery and throughout the sculpture garden, Valley House Gallery publishes scholarly catalogues, participates in national art fairs, and assists museums in curating exhibitions. In 1964, Valley House Gallery was the first gallery in Texas invited to join the prestigious ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America.) The gallery is also a founding member of both DADA (Dallas Art Dealers Association) and CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas.) Second generation owners Cheryl and Kevin Vogel invite visitors to enjoy a unique art and garden experience.