January 4, 2013 – February 23, 2013

Stitchings is an exhibit of works by five artists whose work utilizes stitched thread. The stitching may manifest as texture and line only or may be used to create words, shapes or iconic imagery. Most of the artworks have a base of paper, but cloth and plastic are also used.

I started sewing when I was about 9-years-old and needed clothes for my dolls and trolls. My mother introduced me to the sewing machine, taught me to sew on buttons and helped me learn embroidery and crochet. This connection to my late mother has echoed throughout my life, and certainly influenced my curatorial choices for this exhibit. I am entranced with the process of sewing – to cut out flat, oddly-shaped pieces and by application of a line of stitching turn them into a useful garment. The colors, the textures, the shapes – all excite my eye. Embroidery lends a richness of reflected light and virtual texture that brings to mind the lush clothing and tapestries of bygone eras. Even the most simple line of stitching alludes to the dotted lines of trails on topographical maps, eliciting memories of my travels. My own history and experiences have drawn me to these particular works. -- Elaine Taylor, curator

Nicole Foran is a printmaker with a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati. She is an Assistant Professor of Art at Texas A&M International University. Her focus in these works is visual and virtual texture. She remains faithful to paper as a backing to her collaged and mixed media work, reflecting her printmaking base.

Candace Hicks is an Assistant Professor of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University. Her works in this exhibit are a series of handmade books in which the text and images are rendered in thread. The full series is entitled String Theory: Understanding Coincidence in the Multiverse, and is her attempt to form a hypothesis about the meanings and rules that govern coincidence.

Polly Perez lives and works in El Paso, TX. She creates objects with items at hand or discarded things, drawing from history and social movements, spiritual, sexual and ethnic idiosyncrasies. Her work is influenced by print advertising, packaging and propaganda imagery. Her pieces in this exhibit employ embroidery.

Cat Snapp recently moved to Orlando, FL, after receiving her MFA in Printmaking at the University of North Texas. She is intrigued by her observations of how we often communicate our true intentions not through what we say, but through tone, body language and other cues. Her recent series, No more unsolicited advice from anyone, uses collaged elements to depict the chaos and confusion as one makes sense of what is important and what is inconsequential.

David Willburn is a Metroplex artist who employs embroidery and stitchery to draw outlines of domestic objects, text or just linear elements in a composition. From these he may construct larger installations that create a flattened textural environment. He received his MFA from Vermont College, and teaches at various colleges in the area.