Focus Gallery Two: Rendition

Focus Gallery Two: Rendition

by Rachel Zollinger

January 9 - February 21, 2015

Rendition looks at the spectrum of human progression though derivation of natural resource, specifically copper. In my own work, I employ copper for its inherent radiance and malleable potential – similar reasons why this material has been, is, and will continue to be, in high demand everywhere. Through iteration and mass assembly, Rendition is a reflection of my own role in the ravenous pursuit of this resource, and considers human impact on fragile landscapes.

In simple and redolent form, the fractured hemispheres suggest disquieting effects of trauma. Included in the assembly are seven pieces damaged in previous transport. Their presence marks an awareness that informs our considerations of preservation, salvage and rehabilitation.

Six maps chart the history of copper mining, separated into historically significant epochs: Chalcolithic, Ancient Roman, Medieval, Industrial Revolution, Modern and Current. Copper nails, hand formed from scrap, indicate the global locality of copper extraction sites. The elimination of cartographic boundaries demonstrates the impact of economy and resource procured from the land is neither site specific nor perpetual. -- Rachel Zollinger