Focus Gallery Two Parallel Play 2

Focus Gallery Two Parallel Play 2

May 6, 2011 – June 25, 2011

Parallel Play 2 by Laurie Weller and Gary Washmon

My recent work emphasizes the intersection between the random and the intentional, utilizing alternative methods, materials and techniques.

Process is very important in the creation of this work. I let elements develop and lead the direction of the color, composition, and texture towards the final state. Although paint is used, these works are sculptural in the sense that there is a large amount of sanding, scraping and gouging the surface. There is also an element of intaglio printmaking, as lines are cut, filled, and wiped away.

Through this process, I also wish to impart a sense of age and history, recording the vestiges and afterimages of layers on layers, changes and erasures as each work is created.

-Gary Washmon

I am inspired both by the ephemeral, as in music and dance, as well as natural form. Stratigraphic color and transparency have been important elements in my work for decades, though I continually find new ways to explore these ideas.

I think of them as complex visual puzzles, and challenge myself to create an engaging environment, starting with a skeletal structure and no preconceived idea of the direction the images will take. I create boundaries with color and shape, then cross them; define concrete forms that dissolve into atmosphere. They evolve into something often quite different from the initial compositions.

-Laurie Weller