Focus Gallery One Temporary Witnesses

Focus Gallery One Temporary Witnesses

July 9, 2010 – August 21, 2010

Veronica Jaeger is an artist who lives and works in Texas. She has had solo exhibition shows in South Texas, and her paintings have been included in group exhibitions at the Museo Contemporaneo de Arte in Tamaulipas, Mexico; at the International Museum of Art and Sciences in McAllen, Texas; at the Museum of the Americas in Miama, Florida; and in galleries in New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The artist has a M.F.A. in studio painting from the University of Texas Pan-American; she was awarded in 2008 by the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), and most recently by the Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation in New York City with the 2009 Lenora Segan Award.

My artwork is a continuous exploration of human nature and existence, based in philosophical principles of realities and thought which try to describe and understand the human condition. It represents the way I see life and the people in it; their situations, complexity, and introspection. It expresses my perception of the world as nothing more than a wandering place.

Religion provides a conception of the world in which everything and everybody has a destiny and function, and science try to reveal a cosmos in which nature determine the order and purposes of humanity. I believe that in life we are unconscious actors, each doing as we must to fulfill our chosen characters’ destinies as individuals, and to be a part of other people’s exterior realities, which I see as illusions, and also come to reinforce existentialist’s theories that a person has nothing to rely on but its own self.

The human figure and portraits of people are the focal point of interest in my work, used with the intention to set an analogy between the human body and everything material, to describe their vulnerability, and to express the contrast between internal and external realities.

In aesthetic terms, I combine the traditional methods of painting and drawing on canvas, paper, and panels, displayed as painting installations. My preoccupation is to create work that is universal, intertwined with my own beliefs and experiences. -Veronica Jaeger