Focus Gallery One: passage

Focus Gallery One: passage

November 6, 2009 – December 26, 2009

Artwork by Aqsa Shakil. A Focus Gallery Exhibit.

My work is heavily influenced by travel. Having been rooted, un-rooted and re-rooted from Tanzania, to Pakistan, to Dallas, I have a constant inherent obsession of tracing every slipping moment. My paintings have remnants of old photographs of people I have known, grown out of, or run into over the years. They are submerged in memory pockets: vast atmospheric spaces, which result after the paper endures a rain or snow storm. The random splatters of precipitation have a strange orderly pattern, and I intervene with my orderly splatters that have a strange randomness. The dichotomy of the two makes an exact visual depiction of what I think memory looks like.

Alongside these paintings are the series of travel drawings, ‘Trekoids’ which started on the road to Taos in 2006. Each one of the Moleskine pages is a documentation of time, place, company and most obviously vibrations of the vehicle through every leg of the journey. - Aqsa Shakil

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