Focus Gallery One: Mendeleevian Spectre

Focus Gallery One: Mendeleevian Spectre

July 10, 2009 – August 22, 2009

The physical world is made of physical elements; therefore, the spiritual world must be comprised of spiritual elements. Bridges exist as evidence of the parallels between these dimensions, such as thought existing simultaneously as physical and spiritual. The spiritual world is a place where psychological responses are the essence of matter, like an alternate reality or a parallel universe where the periodic table is replaced with thoughts and emotions. Collective mental processes are translated into symbolic depictions using color, symbolism, line, and shape, by replacing the non-physical fundamental matter.Based on my emotional perceptions, I am communicating intangible experiences through the symbolism of color and intensity of mark making. I use an understanding of layering from my printmaking background, the potentially spontaneous mark making capabilities of painting, and the inherent qualities of paint as a medium to produce a visual language that depicts a personal, fragmented delineation of the spiritual world. – Josh Reames

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