Focus Galleries: JFK: A Fractured Reality

Focus Galleries: JFK: A Fractured Reality

November 7 - December 27, 2014

Leslie Lanzotti Solomon

Fifty years have passed since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. On that date the world changed in so many ways. I was 12 years old and lived in Dallas at that time. We were all deeply touched by those four dark days as we watched this drama play out on live TV. Leslie Lanzotti was 6 years old and lived in Ohio, she remembers both of her parents being very upset by the murder of our President.

Since that time much has been debated about what really happened in Dallas that day. The infamous Zapruder film was kept from the public's eyes for 12 years as the Warren Commission's report of the events took center stage as the official version of the assassination of JFK. Robert Groden obtained a copy of the film and had it aired on Geraldo Rivera's late nite TV show in 1975. The reaction from the public was profound. The fallout from that program led to a House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation in 1976. The committee, known as HSCA, came to a completely different conclusion than the one the Warren Report had detailed. The HSCA found that there was indeed evidence of a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Since that time not much has changed in the public mind, over 75% believe someone else was involved in the murder of JFK. The list of suspects is long and confusing, the mob, the Cubans, the CIA and even LBJ himself. Oliver Stone's 1991 film “JFK” stirred the ashes and lit the fires of conspiracy once again. The film depicted a series of events that involved the pentagon's cold war hawks and the CIA acting covertly to remove a sitting President because he was viewed as a risk to our national security for making plans to put an end to our commitment to war in Southeast Asia. The movie came under serious attack by both the government and the press as hogwash. The film critic for the Washington Post was fired for giving the film a positive review.

Oliver Stone's film gave birth to a new committee called the ASSASSINATION RECORDS REVIEW BOARD, known as the ARRB. This committee over saw the release of thousands of previously classified documents to the public domain. Many of those records played a part in a cold case investigation by Colin McLaren, a noted Australian detective. He based this investigation on the findings that a man named Howard Donahue, a noted weapons expert, who was hired by CBS in 1965 to prove that Oswald could fire three shots within the time frame of six seconds. Donahue succeeded on the third try but was left feeling that it was unlikely that an average shot like Oswald could have pulled it off. To his credit he proved that the single bullet theory was correct and did line up perfectly because the Governor's seat was not in the correct position in the Warren Reports original diagrams. He knew that the Magic Bullet could indeed go through two people and remain intact and nearly pristine. He knew that the ballistic nature of that full metal jacket bullet was that it could go through a brick wall without breaking up into fragments. When Donahue turned his attention to the head shot he came to a very different conclusion than the Warren Report. He wrote a piece for the Sunday Boston Globe in 1975 that led to a stunning and shocking conclusion as to the location of who fired the third shot. Bonar Minninger wrote and published a book titled MORTAL ERROR, about Donahue's findings yet his theory soon faded into obscurity.

Not until last year during the 50th anniversary did it resurface in a program that Colin McLaren helped produce: JFK/THE SMOKING GUN, which was aired on the REELZ Channel. I watched all of the programs that were aired last year and this is the one program I would urge all to NETFLIX , you will be shocked at what you discover about the assassination of John F Kennedy. One final question remains... who was Agent Hickey?-- Dennis Blagg