Figure Riddles

Figure Riddles

January 4 – January 30, 2013

My passion for art has always been within since I was five years old. While my grandmother fished every morning in the family pond; I would find sticks and draw pictures in the dirt to keep myself occupied. My inspiration came during my first visit to a local art museum and by the age of ten, my natural gift came forth when I brought life to my creations with the stroke of my paint brush.

For many years I failed to show my art work for fear of being labeled weird or different. As a young man, I continued to paint while in college, but with being an All American star athlete at TCU and with an image to up hold as a jock, I still hesitated to share my artistic talents.

Finally, I have come to the realization that my art work is a gift worth sharing and I am proud to present and share my creations with those who appreciate my visions. For me, painting is soothing. I have never been satisfied painting on conventional pictures. All of my creations are unique, original and come straight from the brush. My style is entertaining. Nothing is drawn out first and regardless of the subject matter, the purpose is always the same; to create a work of art that is unpredictable and take viewers to a different reality than what they are familiar with.

Cleo Boone