Evidence of Existence

Evidence of Existence

Kristina Smith

April 3 - 14, 2015

Evidence of Existence is an inquiry into memory and family history that considersthe formation of personal identity, familial relationships, and opposing viewpoints. Works in this series include staged narratives that consider the structure ofpersonal identity through an investigation into the significance between place andmemory and the relationship of grief and loss. Evidence of Existence investigatespersonal identity and its association with family history, the ever-changing meaning of place, and the search for unanswered questions.

Works in this series examine the artist’s struggle to understand the distinctionbetween fact and fiction in regards to family history. Conflicting narrations ofplace, family history, and the private homes they once inhabited wereconsidered. The resonating connection to place and memories of a disruptivefamilial upbringing were also explored throughout this work. This place, a formerbustling steel-town, now remains largely vacant, much like her grandfather’shouse, yet a presence and physical/emotional pull remains. This work invites theviewer to consider the history of place, along with his or her own real or idealizedtruths and reflect upon experiences, memories, and emotions of loss, isolation, andidentity through photographic imagery.

Evidence of Existence illustrates the edifice of memory, and invites the viewer to examine the vestiges of relationships and emotions. This inquiry into memories of family and place will present challenges for the viewer to imagine what is authentic and/or invented. Evidence of Existence addresses these key aspects of the human condition by exploring the experience of familial relationships, the impression of memory, and the impact of grief.