Enduring Desire:

Enduring Desire:

March 4, 2011 – April 23, 2011

Photographs by Candice Chase

Artist Statement

Observing the inside and outside, places the viewer right in the middle of the continuous sculpting and carving out of the desire to endure. The boldness and the openness required, seems outdone by these individuals to reach their true goal.

Each image is leading you to see the emotional and the physical desire of individual chosen paths. This body of work brings you into an intimate sphere of the personal path of the boxer and the nun while giving an overall contrast to the endurance or constant movement of the subject on their individual journeys.

Candice has spent the last five years making these photographs of boxers and nuns in a warrior likeness encompassing their courage, struggles, and strengths.

Images included in this exhibition are of young boxers in a period of development and sculpting of the body, mind and soul as well as professional boxers caught at moments of defeat. Also included are images of these athletes in conditioning at the gym and in amateur and pro venues in and around the North Texas area.

The images of the Nuns provide a rare view of different congregations of these women in the service of others as well as individual glimpses of personal of joy and love in their daily lives. The Nuns training, education, and assignments in the world, which are expressed through selfless service, are an expression of their interior desires made manifest in the world. Congregations depicted in these photographs include our Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Texas and Malta, Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amarillo, Texas and Carmelites of Santa Fe, New Mexico.All images in this exhibition are shot in Digital Format and presented in Archival Digital Prints unless noted.

- Candice Chase, 2010