Endangered Series: Elephants

Endangered Series: Elephants

Stormie Parker

September 10 - 29, 2016

Reception: FWADA Fall Gallery Night, Saturday, September 10, 2016; 6 - 9pm

Elephants is an introduction to Parker’s newest body of work entitled, Endangered Species which she describes as a “focus on the annihilation of animals across the globe due mostly to human influence.”With, Elephants, Parker leaves her functional and entertaining sculptures behind replacing a signature whimsy with carefully detailed realism deserving attention and evoking strong feeling from the artist to the viewer.

“This time I’m working for a purpose,” Parker said. “I want to bring attention to all the animals we are losing because of our own practices.”Elephants Stormie Parker’s first focus in a series of Endangered Species sculptures, opens on Monday September 5, with an opening reception on Fort Worth Gallery Night, Saturday, September 10. Meet the artist from 6-9 p.m”.

Stormie grew up Flagstaff, AZ. and was immersed in the art world at the young age of 13. Helping create fetish out of semi-precious stone in her family’s jewelry business. In high school art class she was introduced to clay and never looked back.

Graduating high school in1979 she immediately enrolled in Northern Arizona University’s ceramic art department .After leaving college she spent seven years in Germany establishing ceramic programs, teaching in American communities overseas and exhibiting in various venues abroad. Returning to America she continued teaching and exhibiting throughout the western United States, eventually moving to Ft. Worth, Texas where she exhibits locally through galleries, art exhibitions.

For the first 25 years of her career Stormie was strictly a functional artist, gradually expanding her work into more sculptural forms. Inspired by nature, she especially enjoys sculpting animals and has become known for her whimsical jack rabbits. She has recently taken her art to yet another level as she moves from delightful whimsy to a powerful statement regarding endangered species.

Stormie is a maker of animals, a purveyor of personalities, and a creator of character. It is her hope that her work makes you smile, be thoughtful and linger awhile.