Embodied by Ruben Miranda

Embodied by Ruben Miranda


  1. to give a tangile, bodily, or concrete form to (an abstract concept)

  2. to be an example of or express (an idea, principle, etc.)

  3. to invest (a spiritual entity) with a body or with bodily form; render incarnate

I recreate the world in terms of my own esoteric, distorted and colorful vision of it. My artwork could be defined as representative of gestures, feelings, and emotions about the human figure. My images, which seem to move from one condition to another, are not completely figurative, but neither are they totally abstract. Geometry is always present, although far from the rigor of purists. My drawing and brushstroke strays from any rigidness and most of the time remains fluid The machine is an important part of our technological age, that's why I work with forms that seem to be hard-edged, evenly rounded shapes, some of them in metallic grays; they are a fusion of mechanical and organic forms. -- Ruben Miranda