Earth Bound Planes

Earth Bound Planes

Geraldine Brettmann

November 6 - 28, 2015

Reception: November 6, 2015; 6 - 9pm

I choose to express myself with linear motion. I use lines to indicate moments in time. I use background colors and details to give reference to past and use foreground details and colors to refer to the present. I combine these to help the viewer realize that there is a continuance of time and place in our lives. When we interact with artwork we are taking a piece of ourselves and looking at it from another prospective. I affix my artwork just barely to the canvas because our lives are affixed to be what others want us to be; on the fringes of our lives we are able to escape this bond of conformity. In brief we are continually on our way to being someone else, ourselves.

Born in Santa Fe, N.M. I studied art at the University of New Mexico but did not complete my degree. I later moved to Chicago where I met my husband. We were blessed with 2 daughters. We moved to Texas in 1988 and I decided to finish my degree and received my Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Texas in Arlington. I now have my studio in Mansfield Texas. I have had an interest in art since I was very young; my early childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico is what inspires me in my work and art career. ----Geraldine Brettmann