Dominique of the Marsh

Written by Katreeva Phillips

Dominique is a mermaid who is on track to rule the kingdom in the swamplands of Louisiana, but her strong sense of wanderlust and possibilities makes her want to travel and see the world. Through her deeply moving and meaningful interactions with humans, Dominique is faced with decisions about her future, her love, and her life.

Reading performed by DVA Productions

Playwright Bio

Katreeva Phillips is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University with a degree in Vocal Performance. She's performed and worked at various theaters throughout North Texas, including Circle Theatre, Stage West, Jubilee Theatre, and Lyric Stage. She was Artistic Director for Billy's Globe House Theatre in Fort Wroth, Texas and is also an independent filmmaker and editor. Her first musical, The Boy Who Cried Giant, was produced in 2017.

Playwright Interview