Dogs of the Southwest

Works by Sandy McGrath

Gallery Three

On view July 2-August 7, 2021

Artist Statement

Most artists paint what they love. I’m no different. I love all animals, but have a crazy love for dogs. I am also attracted to the pottery and rugs found in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico and therefore try to incorporate those shapes, designs, and colors into my work. I enjoy using bright, vivid colors with sharp, precise lines and work mostly in acrylics on canvas. I always start with a real life photo to sketch my subject. My subject transforms into a more contemporary creation, but still has the personality and look of the original real life subject. I like my painting surface to be very smooth and sleek without texture. In order to get that finish, I thin down my paint, but then have to add more layers to get vibrant colors. Many of my subjects are current or past personal companions that will live forever in my heart.

Artist Bio

Sandy Magrath grew up in Norman, Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelors in Business Administration. She moved to Texas in 1987 to work in the banking industry. In 1997, she started a successful formula type racing car business with her husband called Texas Autosports. Texas Autosports sold and maintained Formula Mazda Race Cars and also managed the Southwest Formula Mazda Race Car Series. They sold the business in 2011 and spent a couple of years traveling around the country in their motorhome. In 2013, they moved back to Norman, Oklahoma and thereafter Sandy started exploring her artistic abilities. Sandy enjoys painting on canvas with acrylics. She has a contemporary style and generally creates works depicting what she loves most….dogs. Sandy shares her studio in her home with two rescued Border Collies named Lacey and Jade, often the subjects of her paintings.