New work from recycled images, ideas, concepts & painting surfaces (p.s. nothing is sacred)

Deborah Allison

April 8 – June 29, 2016

I have been intrigued by the movement to reuse or recycle objects in making art. This inspiration has motivated me to examine my studio and past artwork with a critical eye and determine how to incorporate this movement into my work.

Many artists destroy their mediocre art pieces, some to make sure they don’t dilute their inventory others as a cathartic practice of cleaning out. I’ve certainly torn up a few watercolors in my life! But in the process of considering used canvases I’ve decided that the textures and colors of an early study or demonstration piece can provide an interesting backdrop for a new painting. It has also been energizing to rework images painted in the past; using subjects and models I’m familiar with gives me the freedom to experiment with color, design and texture.

It was great fun preparing for this show and I hope to inspire other artists to “re-use” in making new art. – Deborah Allison

Deborah Allison studied in France with Parisian artist Alexandra Georgeon-Colin, acquiring detailed studio instruction while working from life. Workshops with Timothy Wells focused on landscape plein-air painting in watercolor. Deborah was chosen to succeed Wells as teacher for the plein-air workshops in England, France and Italy. She started her studies of portraiture and figurative work with master artist, Anthony Ryder in 2007 and continued an intensive study at the Ryder Studio in Santa Fe. A workshop with Milt Kobayashi loosened up Deborah’s brushwork and her work became more about design and composition. Throughout her career, Deborah has focused on drawing and painting in a classical representational style, working from life, sprinkled with forays into semi-abstraction from time to time.

Deborah’s work can be seen at CatchLight Art Gallery and her studio which is open to the public. Both locations are in Alpine, TX.