Works by Kristina Smith

January 22 - February 27, 2021

Vista Gallery

Exhibition Statement

i’m fine

this is fine

dis.associate aims to bring awareness to chronic health and chronic mental health issues.

i’m trying to remember when I first learned to leave

from the investigation of current sociopolitical events, to climate change and late stage capitalism, to the millennial realization that the dreams promised to them were just that; dreams.

to be here... but not h e r e

contingent circumstances are explored through process and ritual, using a hacked and damaged camera, precariously held together with tape and rubberbands; that runs of out juice and refuses to turn back on, much like my body.

things are fine and then they’re not.

the brain can separate itself during trauma and in times of pain – but what happens when pain and trauma are chronic? when they’re ongoing? when it doesn’t end?

what happened when you learned it was safer to not be in your body?

what happens when it’s compounded by poverty and isolation? or when it’s not just yours?

was it one thing or was it just one thing after another

something about trying not to die is my love letter home

if home wasn’t a safe place. if home was and still is complicated

i’m fine. this is fine.

Artist Bio

Kristina Smith is a multimedia artist and writer whose creative research explores memory, identity, and cultural erasure. Their recent work examines late-stage capitalism, queer identity, chronic pain and mental illness, and the exploitation of the working class.

Smith holds an MFA with distinction, in Photography from Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX (2013) and a BFA in Studio Art: Photography + Spatial Arts from Youngstown State University (2008) in Youngstown, OH. Smith recently completed residencies at Pocosin Arts (Columbia, NC) and the Smitten Forum / Mendocino Art Center (Mendocino, CA).

Smith explores the connection between plants, magic, and the collective unconscious as she copes with her/your pain and trauma. They are also interested in radical vulnerability and regularly performs and pours out the aches of the heart and world with Spiderweb Salon, an arts collective based in Denton, TX.

Smith’s solo and collaborative works have been exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in venues such as Rayko Gallery, Form & Concept Gallery, and the Midwest Center for Photography.

They currently work as a Studio Technician at the University of North Texas.