Dick and Jane Series

Dick and Jane Series

by Artist Diane Walker-Gladney

July 6, 2012 – August 25, 2012

We are born with instincts and with the first breath of life we unwittingly tap into these instincts to help us exist on a fundamental level. As we grow, we begin to layer parental guidelines with that which we already know. As we approach school age, the layering continues with the addition of formal education. Each level of learning pulsates below our experience of the world and become the personal grid work for how we go forth in the world.

The Dick and Jane Series begins at the level of rudimentary academics incorporating words and sentence fragments from the Dick and Jane early reading primer into each piece. These words are used as inspiration in relation to a memory they evoke. The subject matter plays with personal memories that are for the most part insignificant and inconsequential yet visceral. Levels of learning (instinct, parental influence and academics) manifest symbolically throughout the series. Pattern pieces indicate the influence of my parents, lines and grids represent instinct and Longitude and Latitude numbers identify the location of the event.

A native of Connecticut with her Master's degree in Art, Diane is an accomplished painter whose work has been featured in New American Paintings and can be found in numerous public and private collections including the Longview Museum of Fine Art. She is represented by M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Norwood Flynn Gallery in Dallas. Walker-Gladney resides in Dallas, Texas and was named a Hunting Art Prize finalist three times.

Visit her website atwww.dianewalker-gladney.com