May 7, 2010 – June 19, 2010

My current work represents an investigation of memory, metaphor, and the spaces of home, and travel. Fragments of maps, notes, cancelled stamps, old books, and other found materials are collaged into my work, woven as a bird weaves and constructs a home. Home and space become synonymous with memory, loss, and nostalgia. The idea of the map becomes likewise linked to the body through the division of the individual within land and spaces. Both represent a type of resistance and a search for ownership of self, separate and unique from the deluge of images within our culture.

The collages reflect memories; a tapestry of experience, woven together to form a complex, dense structure that reflects a life lived. The collage elements that I use are deliberately selected from that which would have been or was thrown away, discarded or set aside. I have used in the works on paper tourist (free) maps, fragments of old prints, cancelled postage stamps, recipes, charts, letters, and a variety of commodity fragments, such as coupons, subway tickets, event tickets, advertisements, and flyers. In particular I am attracted to those bits of paper that reflect monetary exchange; money for objects, food, or entertainment, that which supposedly provides a richer life. - Kate Rivers

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