Deep in the ART of Texas

Deep in the ART of Texas

Preschool Artwork from Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

May 7 – 30, 2016

Fundraiser reception, May 7, 2016: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Since 1979, Kinderplatz of Fine Arts has celebrated the power and importance of early childhood art. Young children learn to make meaning in the world through their art making— exploring color, shapes, textures, lines, and a variety of materials. This year we selected the theme Deep in the ART of Texas to help celebrate the role the arts play in our students’ lives and in our Fort Worth community.

At Kinderplatz of Fine Arts, the arts are at the heart of everything we do.

Our children don’t just learn about the arts, they learn through the arts. That’s what makes our school unique. We encourage children to grow, learn, play, discover and create as they become creative problem solvers and lifelong patrons of the arts. These artworks, purposefully hung at preschool children’s line of sight, express important ideas about themselves, their families, and their world. The ability to think creatively is vital to success and problem solving in our global world. We need creative thinkers, and the art curriculum at Kinderplatz allows young children to make connections in interesting ways as they experiment, create, and think outside the box. At our school, children begin to foster the ability to think creatively, to be original, to discover, to innovate, and to process the world. Young children ages two, three, four, and five are given open-ended, process-oriented art making choices to select the work that interests them. They choose to draw, paint, make prints or collages, or work with clay. Art comes from the child. They learn by doing. Students learn to use a variety of art tools like pencils, crayons, paint, markers, ink, oil pastels, finger paint, water color paint, charcoal, stencils, stamps, textiles, natural materials, or clay. Our students discover what holds their attention—what materials they like to use and how they can make their ideas tangible. Through art—students make choices, take risks, evaluate results, and draw conclusions. We want our students to be comfortable with uncertainty and to be flexible thinkers as they build confidence as young artists. The more art experiences they enjoy, the more likely they are to try new things and explore new ideas. In the artworks included in this exhibition, you will find beautiful and honest examples of scribble lines, repeating circles, and early representations of people, animals, and objects as a testament to young children’s creativity and developing art making abilities. As an advocacy tool, the exhibition is a clarion call for quality art education for every young child in Texas.