David Gappa

David Gappa

July 6, 2012 – September 29, 2012

I have found that the passion of my life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass. I choose glass as an artistic medium for many reasons: the complexity of color and light; the classic beauty of glass; the challenging mental and physical discipline required; and the poetic and seductive nature of molten glass.

My work is primarily inspired through sectional glimpses into our surroundings. Objects within a space are equally important as the negative space the objects create, and it is my desire to infuse the viewer into a special realm of transparency and color. As a viewer approaches a glass installation, I crave they are drawn into the vignettes of negative space. I want the viewer to get lost in the simple complexity of form, shadow, and light, or enveloped within the hues of color that only Glass can emit.

For me, working with glass is the magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form. The creation of each piece is a journey as I strive to trust in the path our creator chooses for me…a trail of color, form and function. – David Gappa