ART7 Crockett Community Gallery

2956 Crockettt Street 76107

July 10 - August 30

This diverse group exhibition contemplates contemporary abstract and representational work with one thing in mind: simply, the curvature of a line. In this mediation of line and composition, it is apparent that artists often see things in the world around us that can be hard to spot, and with that use it to make a point. Lines and curves are both important aspects of composition. They can separate or connect elements, lead the eye into and through a scene, and add a sense of movement and dynamism. ART7 invites you to study the use of the curved line with each individual piece in this show.

Curvature showcases works by the following artists-Jennye Stubblefield, Suzan Cook, Edgar Miller, Lynne Chinn, Sheila Gritte, Julie Richey, Marilyn Waligore, Dan Baeza, Alma Haertlein, Amy Behrens, Andrew Stalder, Antonio Lechuga, Avery Kelly, Bernardo Vallarino, Denise Bossarte, Eilene Carver, Greg Beck, Indi Butler, James Volkert, Jennie Franz, Kay Wirz, Lee Hill, Martha Peters, Mary Morgan, Roberta Masciarelli, Lorrie McClanahan, Vicki Owen, Elle MacLaren, Tamar Navama.

Art7 Crockett Community Gallery Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4 – 8 PM; Saturday 1 – 8 PM. Free parking in West 7th parking garages with validation (available at the gallery)