Cumulative Effects

Fred Spaulding

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"Temporal assemblage is a primary mode of working for me. Over time I have developed several collections of objects, some found, some made from raw material, with which I create an ongoing series of new configurations. It is a journey of discovery to find out what the visual result of many small actions can be on a larger whole. More recently, I have become interested in the idea of collaborative assemblages as a representation of the community. Combining individual elements into a single creative voice creates a more complex and layered structure just as the small actions of many individuals can have profound effects on the larger whole of our world."

Biography Born in Manchester, Connecticut, Fred Spaulding grew up in Ventura, California. In 1990, he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at California State University, Long Beach. After competing in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (single canoe 500 and 1000 meter events), Spaulding completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Connecticut in 1996. Following two years in Chicago, Spaulding began teaching Art at The Victoria College in South Texas. In the following years, Spaulding also taught graduate and undergraduate art courses as an assistant professor at the University of Texas Pan American (now University of Texas Rio Grande Valley). Spaulding’s exhibitions and sculpture installations include showings across the United States, Denmark, Mexico, Thailand, and across Texas. Spaulding has also pursued his investigation of assemblage in a variety of materials by completing residencies at the Kohler’s Arts in Industry program in iron-casting and Penland’s Winter Residency in printmaking, among others. Spaulding currently teaches ceramics at Tarrant County College, Northwest campus