Crowded Spaces

Works by Treslyn Shipley

January 22 – March 20, 2021

Gallery Four and Gallery Five

Artist Bio

Treslyn Shipley is an artist out of DFW who proudly works with families and businesses to paint bright portraits filled with personality. Whether fulfilling commissions or creating personal pieces, she strives to make art that is approachable to any viewer. Seeking to represent commonalities among all human beings, she started painting crowds of people interacting together in large, public spaces. The theme became more meaningful to her after COVID-19 dramatically altered social interactions. Treslyn has created this body of work for you. She welcomes you to discover what only you can find within her work, Crowded Spaces.

Artist/Exhibition Statement

Just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I began to paint crowds. Seeking to portray relatable scenes, I playfully filled my canvas with candid individuals. The experiment quickly transformed from a subtle narrative of everyday life into a nostalgic and even ironic observation of missing elements of the present season. During this season of social distancing and isolation, crowded spaces have become feared and gravely missed.

This collection of crowds is a mixture of moments and events lost to the year of social isolation - daydreams of an alternate reality. Also represented is one of the crowds that was a necessary exception to the rule, becoming even more poignant in contrast to a world without large gatherings.

While our reality has shifted, these paintings still invite you in to find your place in the crowd. They are a reflection of the simple luxuries we took for granted, the beauty of the moments we have problem-solved to safely gather, and the hope we are working towards as a people for a better future.

Artist Talk with Treslyn Shipley