Couple's Night

Written by Pete Bakely

A couple finds themselves at the mercy of a pair of serial killers.

But, who’s playing with who?

The evening takes a dark turn in this story of cat and mouse.

Virtual Reading

Reading performed by Drag Strip Courage

This play contains adult content, including language and violence in abuse situations. It is not intended for children or audiences sensitive to this type of content.

Boxed Lunch Interview with Pete Bakely

Playwright Bio

Pete Bakely is a playwright living and working in the Kansas City Area. He is a member of the Dramatist’s Guild and currently the Kansas City Ambassador for the Guild.

Bakely's produced plays include Skillet Tag, Jet Propulsion, Upskirt, Drunks and Jo all for the Kansas City Fringe Festival. Drunks has also been produced at Crown Center in Kansas City, and Skillet Tag has had productions at The Living Room in Kansas City and at MadLab Theatre in Colombus, Ohio, where it won a Best of Season award from local press.